LinkedIn: 300,000 recruiters are looking for you

One of the most hopeful and exciting trends in job hunting is the fact that recruiters are now looking for passive candidates online. Recently I attended an Internet Recruiting workshop where presenter, Mark Berger, stated that 300,000 recruiters use LinkedIn regularly to recruit passive candidates. “It’s not who you know, but who knows you,” said Berger. In addition, during the workshop Berger demonstrated how to use Google to find names and top candidates. About 100+ recruiters were in the room, and that was just one workshop.


It is key for professionals of all levels to have an online identity that is professional and demonstrates his or her expertise. Since recruiters are searching online – and not necessarily using fee-based job sites, you want to be sure your online identity is crystal clear in how it represents you – and you want to be sure that when someone Googles your name, it is truly you. And that your name is within the first 30 listings (preferably in the top 10).


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