Craigslist – a new way to get hired

Courtesy of Susan Joyce,

I’ve run since 1998, and I’ve been collecting job search success data off-line since since 2004. I keep a rolling total of what is working, although I haven’t published it on Job-Hunt. It helps me keep Job-Hunt focused on reality.

As you know from the other replies, most jobs are found off-line rather than online – more than 80% according to my data.

However, WHEN a job site is mentioned as the source of a job for “average” job seekers (professionals, entry level to mid-level, and lower level managers), the one mentioned is Craigslist! Literally, 20 to 1 over Monster. In the last 18 months,
CareerBuilder was not mentioned once, except as a source of spammy/sales messages. None of the niche sites was mentioned either. One of the people I interviewed landed a mid-level management job at a Verizon subsidiary (via Craigslist), but most of the jobs in the last 18 months have been below that level.

Craigslist is not perfect – it’s free for employers in all but 11 cities ($75 to post a job in SF, $25 in 10 other major metro areas, and free everywher else). That brings abuse from scammers and junk postings. Craigslist tries to limit the junk, but it’s definitely there. Communities can self-moderate, but some do a better job than others.

I have a guide to using Craigslist to find a job posted on Job-Hunt.

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