LinkedIn & Personal Branding

Jason Alba,, asked a great question recently: “Do you use LinkedIn for personal branding? Sure, you have a public profile… but what do you do PROACTIVELY to share that with others? Check out my blog post on an idea that I have… and then share what you do!”
Here’s his post:

And here’s my answer:

Hi Jason,

Just created my public profile custom address on LinkedIn. Very cool: You can use LinkedIn in many ways for personal branding:
1. Invite your clients, business partners, affiliates, professional organization members, etc. to join.
2. Write a thorough profile so members get an idea of who you are, what you do, your interests, and your brand.
3. Add a picture. -)
4. My personal fave, ask for recommendations. People are fantastic and want to help you. And you can use the recommendations in many ways for your business – including popping them onto your website.
5. If you’re in job search mode, the recommendations can be linked into your resume. This creates instant access to references.

Wendy Terwelp, Career Coach & Personal Branding Strategist


4 thoughts on “LinkedIn & Personal Branding

  1. Wendy your resources for expanding our horizons were very beneficial. It shows that you have done alot of research to find the better quality places for us to spend our time on.

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