Employer branding by Customer Service

Courtesy of Kevin Wheeler, ERE Daily

Idea #5: Develop impeccable customer service. This final tip is my old favorite, as you should never make a candidate have to call you. Get back to candidates the same day as the interview. Give them honest assessments and feedback. Provide information immediately. If you are having them travel for an interview, fly them first class or put them up in a fancy hotel. Give them VIP treatment – limo, nice restaurant, whatever. The cost is minimal compared to losing them to a competitor. People remember good service, even if you don’t end up hiring them. They will spread the word and make sure that your company gets good publicity. We often treat minor customers better than candidates. Which, in the long run, is worth more? (Read the entire article here.)


 Courtesy of Wendy Terwelp, Opportunity Knocks(TM)

This is a great tip. I was hosting a Rock Your Network (R) event at a local college. The event served both students and alumni. While networking, one attendee came up to me and said her dream job was to work at a vitamin and health product manufacturer in her area. When asked why she wanted to work there, she said how wonderful the Human Resources Manager was. How, even though she had not been selected for the position, he had the courtesy to call her and let her know and provided other positive feedback. Well, she was so amazed by this, she tells this positive experience to everyone she meets — even though she now has another job! I happen to know the VP of Human Resources at this company. He had no idea of the positive impact he had. He said, “I just felt it was the right thing to do.”

Spread the positive word.

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