Oscar®-Winning Networking

Academy Awards Oscar®

Jeff Bridges did it. Sandra Bullock did it. Mo’Nique did it. And you can too.

In fact, all the Oscar®-winners did it so much, there’s a special link on Oscar.com about it. Here it is: http://bit.ly/b6t8Dj

What am I talking about? Why the easiest way to start a conversation. The easiest way to network. The easiest way to get enough courage to pick up the phone.

And the winner is…. THANK YOU.

You are not alone. No matter how crappy you’re feeling about the downsizing, the firing, the economy. You have people in your life you’ve helped in some way and they want to help you now.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers,” he says no one is a self-made man. You’ve got a community, a neighbor, a family, a time period when you were born…

And, when you listen to the Oscar®-winners’ speeches, they get it. They thank everyone. And I mean everyone. From fellow actors, to camera crews, to directors, to family members, to teachers, to past Oscar-winners who inspired them, and more.

You can too, because you do have people in your life who’ve inspired you in some way at some point in time.

One client recently said to me, “I hate small talk.” Well, thanking a person isn’t ever small. Another, “I don’t even know where to start.” How about “Thanks!”?

Coaching Challenge: Go ahead. Be an Oscar®-winner. Pretend you are one of the nominees. Make a list of all the people you would like to thank who have helped you along the way. Start with at least 10. Yes, your family members count! (Heck, Jeff Bridges thanked his mom, dad, three kids, wife…)

Next to each person’s name, jot down something you’d like to thank them for. Here’s one of mine:

Dad – Thanks for telling me to not complain to my boss unless I have a solution. Now, I’m the boss and this is advice I’ve passed on to my clients. This has helped my clients feel more confident, think about solutions (rather than problems), and even get promoted.

Now pick up the phone, and make the call. You can do it!

Thanking a person is the easiest way to start a conversation. And definitely an Oscar®-winning tip you can use in your job search – and beyond – to make your network thrive.

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