Twitter: Tweet tool for recruiting

By Peter Gray for Recruiter’s World:

Have you noticed that last year’s best sourcing tools are already losing their luster? Are Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Doostang are losing their punch? Well, someone once again “Moved Our Cheese,” as Spencer Johnson would put it. Here is where the cheese has gone:

Twitter Twitter is possibly the next great “happening” on the web. It is a micro-blog that works in a similar fashion to Facebook or LinkedIn section “what are you doing now” Twitter only allows users to post a few words, yet they update constantly via computer, blackberry, mobile phone, etc. It is addictive and users do CONSTANTLY update. Posts range from “eating pasta,” to “waxing the car” to “looking for a new job” to “getting ready to paint the house, ugg.” Many more uses to come once I get my head around this tool but for now we can post, for example, “looking for an Application Architects in Stamford ”

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