Networking: How to choose a group

I know. You heard it over and over – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that gets you hired.” That translates to networking. When deciding on which networking group (or groups) to join, I recommend people join at least three types of groups: 1. Professional Group: Many professional groups for your specific field have job boards accessible only to their members. Professional groups also give you an opportunity to build a network within your field and often you get a chance to put a small bio on their website in the members section. This helps you build your online brand – as 77% of employers now Google candidates prior to interviewing them. 2. Peer Group: When you’re in job search mode, groups like 40+ can provide support and brainstorming. Make sure your group is proactive and positive. Groups that become “downers” are not going to help you with your search. Employers often hire attitudes over skill sets – and that means positive ones.  3. Common Activity Group: Groups like Toastmasters are a good example. You not only network, but you learn a skill that enhances your career at the same time! Now, go on, pick your group and get active!