Uncle Sam Wants YOU – hired!

In honor of the Fourth (and I know this to be true, one of my clients landed a government gig in DC in September – and was already promoted!):

Uncle Sam really wants to hire you! Abridged: NBC4.com

WASHINGTON, DC — The job market may be tight in some places, but Washington’s biggest employer, the federal government, is recruiting new employees. Two million people work for the federal government, and many are baby boomers. As baby boomers retire, federal jobs open up and are becoming available to new job seekers.

By the year 2013, the federal government expects that 40 percent of its workforce will retire, leaving 800,000 jobs to be filled. The federal government has a broad range of opportunities for job seekers of any discipline, from biology to engineering. The official website for federal employment is USAjobs.gov.