Get to the point in your cover letter

Author Max Messmer has some excellent tips for writing a terrific cover letter, most importantly, get to the point!

Courtesy of Max Messmer in’s Business News:

Your cover letter is an ideal opportunity to showcase your strong writing skills for prospective employers. You don’t need to craft Pulitzer Prize-winning prose to accomplish this; the key is to be focused and succinct. The following long-winded candidate took a few sentences too many to get to his point:

“On a recent elk hunt in the mountains, an unexpected intruder crossed my path. In a dense thicket no more than three feet away appeared a monstrous, nostril-steaming 1,500-pound bull moose in full rut! Fortunately for the moose, I did not have a moose tag. Fortunately for me, the moose decided I just might have a moose tag and took off for the hills. My passion for hunting elk reflects the focus of my business career.”

Your aim is way off target with this cover letter.

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Company image attracts good hires

Courtesy of Career Pro Weekly by Bridges

Companies rely on their corporate image to help sell the goods and services they produce.  Career experts say a growing number of employers are starting to apply the principles of market branding to their recruiting programs so they can recruit talented new workers in a
competitive labor market.

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Good candidates are hard to find, survey says

MONDAY, Sept. 11, 2006, 11:19 a.m. –
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Business Watch
By Joel Dresang

More than half of the companies surveyed by a Brookfield-based staffing company say they’re finding it difficult to find qualified or reliable employees, according to a report released this morning by QPS Companies Inc.

QPS says 56% of the 300 companies responding say it’s hard to find the help they seek. At the same time, 49% say they’d like to add to their staff, and 57% plan on raising wages.

The survey finds that less than 70% of the respondents — which includes manufacturers, banks, printers, distributors and information technology firms in Wisconsin and northern
Illinois — rely on drug screening and criminal background checks for job candidates. Much less use job-specific skills testing or check academic credentials to help find the right workers.

QPS has a staff of 150 in 18 offices and employs about 3,600 assigned workers each week.

Blogging for business: it can change your life

Yaro Starik – for Flying Solo

I began blogging in 2004 and in 2005 decided to take it really seriously.

For the next six months I blogged and blogged and blogged. Every spare moment I had was spent “brain dumping” what I knew and had opinions of into my blog. My traffic grew, my online profile grew and in fact I wouldn’t be here writing this article for you if Robert and Sam from Flying Solo hadn’t contacted me via, yes you guessed it, my blog!

Let’s get serious for a moment though, it’s important you know why blogging is so good. Blogging is a conversation. It provides a channel communication to contact hundreds, thousands, even millions of people, if you become really popular.

When you blog you aren’t looked upon as a corporate entity or even the boss of a small business. You are viewed and interpreted as who you really are, a real life human living in the world today.

If you haven’t been convinced yet to start a blog, let me recount some specific benefits it’s provided me:

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